\ Interactive Television Polling

This Interactive Television system allows viewers to express their opinions on the programme they are viewing, in real time, without the need for additional technology such as, a mobile phone or the internet.

Commentators or presenters can utilise the information collected from the system, to focus the current broadcast on the viewer’s interests or to structure future broadcasts, to provide viewer centred content.

This system has been developed for the London 2012 Olympics. However, this system could be utilised for other broadcasts; its use is not limited to sporting events. For example, reality shows such as Big Brother, game shows, to allow viewers to play along at home, or news programmes, to collect public opinion on current events, could all make effective use of this system.

Please note that this system has achived several awards.


The system comprises of two interfaces;User interface

The user interface:

This interface has been designed to be operated by a member of the Television production team, in the production control room. It allows questions, messages and statistical information to be sent to the Interactive TV Interface, with the answers being collated and viewed.

The Interactive TV Interface:

Viewer InterfaceThis interface has been designed in accordance with the Interactive TV guidelines and would use a television remote control and keyboard for viewer interaction. It allows viewers to view and respond to questions, as well as change the camera angle and audio commentary.