Lightning fast summary of SQLite in Adobe AIR

Peter Elst has posted a video of his 15 minute lightning talk on using SQLite in Adobe AIR

All information should be done like this, fast and to the point, with no extended information to make you switch off.
Then you can go into depth about a certain part in your own time.

I’m currently working on my second project that takes advantage of SQLite in AIR and this video has highlighted a few aspects I need to look into.

Nice work Peter.

Onedotzero_adventures in motion

Yesterday I went down to the BFI Southbank for the onedotzero adventures in motion exhibition.

When I got there a talk had just started “nokia: the art of open source workshop”, which showcased the development potential of the maemo platform for high end Nokia phones,  so I sat in on it not really know what to expect. It was quite interesting but did get a bit too geeky for me, talking about abstract concepts behind the design of the N900 device rather than showing how to develop for it and more of what can be/has been done with the technology.
It did inspire me to checkout and I would like to develop for such a device but am put off by it being linux based and by not having a handset to test on. I might have to consider one of the handsets for my next upgrade, especially when they get multi touch support.

The main installation at the exhibition, the “onedotzero identity” was using the N900.

onedotzero identityonedotzero identity
Here is a demo:

I had a go on the device in the evening, it was really responsive and a good concept that has given me a few commercial ideas that I might put together a prototype for if I get some time soon.

There were also a couple of other interactive pieces around the BFI:

Glowing Pathfinder Bugs by was a really nice piece, I had a chat to the guys behind it about the technology; it used a 3d camera with 2 lenses to work out the depth of the sand, and a projector. I was quite surprised that the application was built in Director, but that’s what the developer was happy with and it could access some native stuff.
Glowing Pathfinder Bugs in action:

There was a multi touch table with the program of events and some related media on it, this was the first multi touch table I have had a chance to play with. I found it a bit hard to control but it was quite responsive, think the main problem was the design of the menu. It wasn’t very stable as I did see flash player 10 crash message.

By far the least impressive and most pointless installation was “graffonic: virtual spraypaint”.  It was basically using an irLED a laser to draw a line, but the worst part was that the display and style changed every 10 seconds so you couldn’t actually draw anything, just a line that was removed from the screen as fast as it appeared.
I have seen much better thought out and produced digital graffiti installations, like a prototype by my friend and colleague Andrew Myher that uses a wii remote as a controller, this is me playing with it:
Digital wall:

I also saw an amazing film preview while I was there: “Mary and Max”, its not on general release in the UK but I would recommend seeing it, the onedotzero site describes it perfectly:
“Mary and max is an exceptional film that deals with little people and their big issues in a compassionate and entertaining way. It is funny, warm, moving and sad all at the same time, and will once and for all dispel the notion that animation can only deal with fluffy and trivial issues.”

Kick YouTube to the curb and download their videos

If you want to download any YouTube video, don’t bother with any software just put “kick” before in the address bar and you can download it as Flv, Mpg, Mp3 or HD Mp4.

This is the best method I have seen, I’ve tried using Lee Brimelows’ AIRTube app, but that didn’t work and some random bit of software but that didn’t work either, recently I have resorted to using firebug to get the links form the page and finding the flv file by trial and error but this is so much better.

Watch this video to see a demo:

The bacon and cheese roll

bacon and cheese roll

This is an amazing use of bacon to make a simple but mouth watering dish.

Weaving bacon is genius; you can make so many more things with a flat sheet of bacon, like a lasagne or a pizza base and lots of other things I can’t think of right now

I’m going to make a bacon cheese roll soon but I will put something else into the middle, most probably one of these:
Egg for a breakfast roll
Sausage but that might be a bit too much pork
Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers would add a nice element of veg
Chicken breast to give a slant on the normal chicken cordon bleu

Ill post some photos when I make mine.

Amazing innovations at Adobe

This week I have seen 2 amazing bits of technologies come from the Advanced Technologies Lab at Adobe Systems.
The bad thing is you cant get your hands on them yet unless you know someone.

I really want to get my hands on both of these, Zoetrope would be so useful is so many different ways and the video Manipulation will be fun at the start but I’m sure it will have some commercial uses.

Interactive Video Object Manipulation: just amazing video tracking and manipulation

Interactive Video Object Manipulation from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.

Zoetrope : the time machine for the web
Technology Review:
Video demo:

Immortalised on the web with added lipstick

I have recently been immortalised on the web as an illustration.

The brilliant illustrator and designer behind the work is Andrea Bernauer.

I was involved in the development work on this demo and many others on the site.

To see it for yourself have a look here and click on the “Benefits” menu item in the flash content.

Here is the image on its own: