Room 13 Aragon

Just had a new site go live today, it’s the normal 100% flash site with an image gallery and blog, but it does have something extra that no other site I’ve created has….

The client was a charity that the Tequila\London (my current employer) contributes to and so this work was unpaid and made everyone involved feel fuzzy and warm for doing something good.
The fact that it was an unpaid project meant there was a lot of freedom to change things and do something a little different.

As this is a kids charity I thought a game would be a nice addition for them, however I didn’t want it to get taken out by the boring adults so I created my first Easter Egg!!

Life is better when its fun and hopefully this is the start of many more fun Easter eggs in my projects.

The game is a simple falling ball with some physics and it looks like this:

Here is a video of the site and the game. I have edited out how I accessed the game:

You can try and find the Easter egg here:

Other people involved:
ASP Development: Adam Solkar and Andrew Myhre:
Design by Andrea Bernauer: