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Just had a new site go live today, it’s the normal 100% flash site with an image gallery and blog, but it does have something extra that no other site I’ve created has….

The client was a charity that the Tequila\London (my current employer) contributes to and so this work was unpaid and made everyone involved feel fuzzy and warm for doing something good.
The fact that it was an unpaid project meant there was a lot of freedom to change things and do something a little different.

As this is a kids charity I thought a game would be a nice addition for them, however I didn’t want it to get taken out by the boring adults so I created my first Easter Egg!!

Life is better when its fun and hopefully this is the start of many more fun Easter eggs in my projects.

The game is a simple falling ball with some physics and it looks like this:

Here is a video of the site and the game. I have edited out how I accessed the game:

You can try and find the Easter egg here:

Other people involved:
ASP Development: Adam Solkar and Andrew Myhre:
Design by Andrea Bernauer:

Hot Italian Model

This is the latest website that I have had the pleasure of being part of the development team for. I took the lead on this project, lots of hours were involved in getting this one out the door in time, 70 hours in 7 days, that’s about 9 days work in a week.

I had to employ some third-party API’s, Google maps for the store locator and YouTube videos in a couple of places.

Hot Italian Model - home

Hot Italian Model - YouTube

Hot Italian Model - Google Maps
The site also incorporates the standard social bookmarking functionality, twitter feed, papervision and competition entry forms.

The site is here but I don’t think it will be up for that long.

Block Swap – Flash Lite Mobile Game

The past couple of weeks I have been creating a mobile game whenever I get some free time.

I decided to give mobile game development a go for a couple of reasons;

  • One was to try out The Adobe Distribution Player Solution. Which was a bit of a nightmare to get started with, as I installed the software and all the extra SDK’s, it didn’t work so I read the guide and found that I had installed the wrong version of one of the SDK’s, reinstalled everything several times but I couldn’t create a Symbian certificate. After messing around with that for a couple of days I decided to swap to a clean computer to start from scratch and that worked fine.
    I had one other big issue with The Adobe Distribution Player Solution – the flash player wouldn’t download over Wifi or mobile internet in the UK, I tried it on Nokia N95 and HTC Touch Diamond with no luck. Has anyone got the over the air download to work??
  • Another was to enter The Flash Lite Developer Challenge, which I have done but I don’t think I have much chance as the game is very basic.
  • And also because I play a lot of mobile games and have had an idea for a game for some time now. This however is just one abstracted part of the final game I have in mind and if I keep going I should have a final version in about 6 months (I have already started developing a second generation of this game).

This is what the game looks like :

Block Swap title screen Help screen

level1 level4

The Idea I thought was simple and too the instructions but some people had a little trouble grasping the idea, you basically join up the small blocks around the outside with block of that colour. Each level has one solution so if the level doesn’t end you haven’t completed the puzzle.

I have tested the game via The Adobe Distribution Player Solution on the Nokia N95 and HTC Touch Diamond. The game has also been tested in the Flash Lite player 2.1 on the Sony Ericsson C905.

You can download it here – Please select you download form the options below :

Mobile Platform: S60: Download
Nokia 6120c
Nokia E51
Nokia E65
Nokia E71
Nokia N73
Nokia N78
Nokia N82
Nokia N95
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N96

Mobile Platform: Windows Mobile: Download
HTC S740
HTC S621
HTC Touch Diamond P3700
HTC Kaiser
Motorola MotoQ
Motorola MotoQ Norman
Motorola MotoQ9m
Palm Treo 700w
Palm Treo 750
Palm Treo 850
HTC Polaris
Samsung SGH-i607
Samsung SGH-i617
Samsung SGH-i780
HTC T-Mobile Dash

All other phones – swf only
If your phone has flash lite 2.0 or above you can use this file, however it will only show up in your file system and not in the game menu (will only work on a mobile device).

Please not that when you download the applicable file above (not the swf only version) and install it you will be requested to download Adobe Flash Lite.
This download will be done over your mobile internet access, if this is not successful please follow the links below (you may need to download the file on a computer and transfer to your mobile)


The Augmented Reality Combination Lock

I spent a couple of days testing out the FLARManager for FLARToolkit and created this basic combination lock.

If you get the symbols in the correct order it will give you a pound.

Build in flash, AS3, Papervision3D Public Beta 2.0 – Great White, FLARToolkit, FLARManager and published for Flash Player 10

Here is a video of it, if you want to try it for yourself don’t watch the video as it will spoil the game of breaking the combination.

You can try the demo for yourself if you have a webcam attached to your computer, Flash player installed and can print this symbol (PDF file) you then need to cut-out the black squares and place them on the outlines within the big black border, some of the black pieces overlap.

* you will need to allow flash access to your webcam when it asks (or right click flash and select settings).
[kml_flashembed movie=”/swfs/ar-combination/bin-debug/test.swf” height=”480″ width=”640″ /]

Augmented Reality Globe Demo


Recently I’ve been trying to get my head round augmented reality in flash.
Here is a little demo of a globe…. It works quite well most of the time but does loose the image now and then.

Augmented Reality Globe Demo from Sam Hassan on Vimeo.

I have been working from the source of this demo:
And it’s quite easy to replace the object that is used once you get it all working.

I want to post some clean code with an expiation of what I think the code is doing, so hopefully ill have time to do that soon.

One thing that I have been trying to work out is how the data for the pattern is created, I’ve searched the web and had a look @ the FlarToolKit forum but it’s mostly in Japanese, so not had much luck.
All the demos I’ve seen use one of 2 patterns, so I’m thinking either is really hard to create or the people who know how to do it don’t want to let it out.
I have tried to create the data from the bitmap data of a movie clip in the library, but can’t get the values in the correct format; can anyone shed any light on this?

Studio Eighty One

This 100% flash site is for a production and editing house in Soho, it includes video, audio and images.

The site makes use of swf address for the deep linking; I used this project to create a basic framework for swf address based on the pure MVC swf address framework, but much simpler.

The design is by my good friend Andrea Bernauer.

Take a look at the site here:

Studio Eighty One\ Home page:

Studio Eighty One\ Work with video player:

Image overlay: