Air 1.0 Mouse.hide() work around

Thanks to Tim John for putting me on to this workaround

“This is annoying, but if you set a timer delay of a few hundred milliseconds, then call Mouse.hide() that should work.”

Air 1.0 mouse hide example source code

Air 1.0 doesn’t support Mouse.hide()

I’m currently developing a touch screen application in Flash AS3 and thought I would deploy it as an AIR application. However I found out that the Mouse.hide function doesn’t work in AIR 1.0, even though the documentation sys otherwise:

this isn’t that much of an issue as you can just publish a flash file as an EXE but it does mean that I have to have all the linked assets with the EXE, whereas if it was an Air app all files would be included so less could go wrong when it gets sent to the client.

I was trying this in my full screen application with custom chrome, but also tried it in a brand new AIR file and the mouse cursor is still visible.

If any one has got this to work and I’m just being stupid pleas let me know or if you have the same problem let me know I’m not alone.

Update: Mouse hide Solution found