My work is on the V&A website

I appear on 2 pages and I even the site wide search:

Internal Decode:

Inside Love Decode:


I feel this is quite a big statement to make as the Victoria and Albert Museum is a large and well-respected museum.

It is true but probably not as big of a deal as it sounds… In 2009 the V&A Decode exhibition invited people to contribute by recoding the digital identity created by Karsten Schmidt and submit videos and images.

This exhibition and the work by Karsten Schmidt grabbed my imagination so I created a couple of videos and they appeared on the decode site.

The videos I submitted have some cheesy transitions 🙂 and aren’t that great quality. You can watch them both here:

Internal Decode:

Inside Love Decode:

I did mean to blog about them at the time but never got round to it. The reason I have now is because a Google alert informed me that my name is mentioned on the main V&A website.

So this post is a record of my work being on a major museum’s website!

Immortalised on the web with added lipstick

I have recently been immortalised on the web as an illustration.

The brilliant illustrator and designer behind the work is Andrea Bernauer.

I was involved in the development work on this demo and many others on the site.

To see it for yourself have a look here and click on the “Benefits” menu item in the flash content.

Here is the image on its own:

Job change

I have recently changed jobs from Emak Mafu where I was a flash developer to Glasseye for a month where I was the main developer and designer, which was really good having most of the control over a project.
The main piece of work I produced at Glasseye was an interactive CD for a children’s charity Sing Up, ill hopefully put up some images of it when I get sent the final copy.

Now I am again a flash developer, this time at Tequila\ London.
It’s been a big jump from small agencies of 3-10 people to a massive agency of over 100 people that’s part of a bigger group with an untold amount of employees.

@ Tequila they let new employees settle in before they bombard them with work, which I found a little strange and unsettling at first as I’m used to working flat out all the time. After I got over the shock of not having work to do I got down to some much needed R&D to get some new skills under my belt and my next few posts will be about my little tests, most of which are quite pointless.



To all the people (and spam bots) that may one day read this.

This is the first of many posts in my personal bolg.

Who am i???

Well I am Sam.

I like the web, making stuff for the web, looking at stuff on the web and sharing it.

As I write this I am currently working as a Flash developer @ Emak Mafu, a digital agency and have recently graduated Staffordshire University, with a BA First class honours in Interactive Multimedia, check that shit out!

I’ve been nominated for a couple of awards including the Europrix Top Talent Award 2007 and BIMA Award 2007 for my final university work Interactive Television Polling. But didn’t actually win anything but I will win something on day… you read it her first, even if it is just a raffle or £10 on the lottery.

That’s enough ramblings and talking about myself for now. And maybe even for ever….