My work is on the V&A website

I appear on 2 pages and I even the site wide search:

Internal Decode:

Inside Love Decode:


I feel this is quite a big statement to make as the Victoria and Albert Museum is a large and well-respected museum.

It is true but probably not as big of a deal as it sounds… In 2009 the V&A Decode exhibition invited people to contribute by recoding the digital identity created by Karsten Schmidt and submit videos and images.

This exhibition and the work by Karsten Schmidt grabbed my imagination so I created a couple of videos and they appeared on the decode site.

The videos I submitted have some cheesy transitions 🙂 and aren’t that great quality. You can watch them both here:

Internal Decode:

Inside Love Decode:

I did mean to blog about them at the time but never got round to it. The reason I have now is because a Google alert informed me that my name is mentioned on the main V&A website.

So this post is a record of my work being on a major museum’s website!

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