SQLite data types

After searching the web for a clear list of the data types allowed in SQLite with Adobe AIR I found this link:  http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/localDatabaseSQLSupport.html#dataTypes (from the flex 3 docs – I hope it gets updated for AIR 2.0)
It has information on the types allowed.

Here are the main points:

The following column affinity types are not supported by default in SQLite, but are supported in Adobe AIR:

  • STRING: corresponding to the String class (equivalent to the TEXT column affinity).
  • NUMBER: corresponding to the Number class (equivalent to the REAL column affinity).
  • BOOLEAN: corresponding to the Boolean class.
  • DATE: corresponding to the Date class.
  • XML: corresponding to the ActionScript (E4X) XML class.
  • XMLLIST: corresponding to the ActionScript (E4X) XMLList class.
  • OBJECT: corresponding to the Object class or any subclass that can be serialized and deserialized using AMF3. (This includes most classes including custom classes, but excludes some classes including display objects and objects that include display objects as properties.)

The following literal values are not supported by default in SQLite, but are supported in Adobe AIR:

  • true: used to represent the literal boolean value true, for working with BOOLEAN columns.
  • false: used to represent the literal boolean value false, for working with BOOLEAN columns.

Each column in the database is assigned one of the following type affinities:

  • TEXT (or STRING)
  • REAL (or NUMBER)
  • DATE
  • XML
  • NONE

For a full description of the above see the docs: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/localDatabaseSQLSupport.html#dataTypes

I’m quite excited that you can store an ActionScript Object in a table; I’ll have to do some experiments to see how good this is.

Lightning fast summary of SQLite in Adobe AIR

Peter Elst has posted a video of his 15 minute lightning talk on using SQLite in Adobe AIR

All information should be done like this, fast and to the point, with no extended information to make you switch off.
Then you can go into depth about a certain part in your own time.

I’m currently working on my second project that takes advantage of SQLite in AIR and this video has highlighted a few aspects I need to look into.

Nice work Peter.