Block Swap – Flash Lite Mobile Game

The past couple of weeks I have been creating a mobile game whenever I get some free time.

I decided to give mobile game development a go for a couple of reasons;

  • One was to try out The Adobe Distribution Player Solution. Which was a bit of a nightmare to get started with, as I installed the software and all the extra SDK’s, it didn’t work so I read the guide and found that I had installed the wrong version of one of the SDK’s, reinstalled everything several times but I couldn’t create a Symbian certificate. After messing around with that for a couple of days I decided to swap to a clean computer to start from scratch and that worked fine.
    I had one other big issue with The Adobe Distribution Player Solution – the flash player wouldn’t download over Wifi or mobile internet in the UK, I tried it on Nokia N95 and HTC Touch Diamond with no luck. Has anyone got the over the air download to work??
  • Another was to enter The Flash Lite Developer Challenge, which I have done but I don’t think I have much chance as the game is very basic.
  • And also because I play a lot of mobile games and have had an idea for a game for some time now. This however is just one abstracted part of the final game I have in mind and if I keep going I should have a final version in about 6 months (I have already started developing a second generation of this game).

This is what the game looks like :

Block Swap title screen Help screen

level1 level4

The Idea I thought was simple and too the instructions but some people had a little trouble grasping the idea, you basically join up the small blocks around the outside with block of that colour. Each level has one solution so if the level doesn’t end you haven’t completed the puzzle.

I have tested the game via The Adobe Distribution Player Solution on the Nokia N95 and HTC Touch Diamond. The game has also been tested in the Flash Lite player 2.1 on the Sony Ericsson C905.

You can download it here – Please select you download form the options below :

Mobile Platform: S60: Download
Nokia 6120c
Nokia E51
Nokia E65
Nokia E71
Nokia N73
Nokia N78
Nokia N82
Nokia N95
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia N81
Nokia N81 8GB
Nokia N96

Mobile Platform: Windows Mobile: Download
HTC S740
HTC S621
HTC Touch Diamond P3700
HTC Kaiser
Motorola MotoQ
Motorola MotoQ Norman
Motorola MotoQ9m
Palm Treo 700w
Palm Treo 750
Palm Treo 850
HTC Polaris
Samsung SGH-i607
Samsung SGH-i617
Samsung SGH-i780
HTC T-Mobile Dash

All other phones – swf only
If your phone has flash lite 2.0 or above you can use this file, however it will only show up in your file system and not in the game menu (will only work on a mobile device).

Please not that when you download the applicable file above (not the swf only version) and install it you will be requested to download Adobe Flash Lite.
This download will be done over your mobile internet access, if this is not successful please follow the links below (you may need to download the file on a computer and transfer to your mobile)