Augmented Reality Globe Demo


Recently I’ve been trying to get my head round augmented reality in flash.
Here is a little demo of a globe…. It works quite well most of the time but does loose the image now and then.

Augmented Reality Globe Demo from Sam Hassan on Vimeo.

I have been working from the source of this demo:
And it’s quite easy to replace the object that is used once you get it all working.

I want to post some clean code with an expiation of what I think the code is doing, so hopefully ill have time to do that soon.

One thing that I have been trying to work out is how the data for the pattern is created, I’ve searched the web and had a look @ the FlarToolKit forum but it’s mostly in Japanese, so not had much luck.
All the demos I’ve seen use one of 2 patterns, so I’m thinking either is really hard to create or the people who know how to do it don’t want to let it out.
I have tried to create the data from the bitmap data of a movie clip in the library, but can’t get the values in the correct format; can anyone shed any light on this?

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  1. Hi – thanks for posting this article – Augmented Reality is something that Im desperate to to get into.

    I’ve been trying to find a copy of the Boffswana 3d character demo source, but they’ve taken the source link off their website.

    By any chance do you still have a copy of it? Im keep to try replacing the Papervision character with a model of my own to see how it looks.

    Hope you can help me out.



  2. @Wayne

    Sorry I don’t have a copy of those files, you should check out these posts from Mikko Haapoja about getting 3D models into papervision: and
    Hope that helps.