Flash Augmented Reality Getting Started

My post yesterday about Augmented Reality raised a couple of issues which have both been solved by one blog post I found : FlarToolkit/Flash Augmented RealityGetting Started

The above post sheds light on the questions I had about the marker pattern, there is an AIR app available to create the code Mikko also give some guidance on creating your own marker.

Mikko has saved me a lot of time by rewriting the source code I was working from to make it easier to follow and he has provided comments in English.

I’m really happy now I don’t have to dig through the code and translate the Japanese using bable fish, it’s quite hard to understand.

Augmented Reality Globe Demo


Recently I’ve been trying to get my head round augmented reality in flash.
Here is a little demo of a globe…. It works quite well most of the time but does loose the image now and then.

Augmented Reality Globe Demo from Sam Hassan on Vimeo.

I have been working from the source of this demo: http://www.boffswana.com/news/?p=392
And it’s quite easy to replace the object that is used once you get it all working.

I want to post some clean code with an expiation of what I think the code is doing, so hopefully ill have time to do that soon.

One thing that I have been trying to work out is how the data for the pattern is created, I’ve searched the web and had a look @ the FlarToolKit forum but it’s mostly in Japanese, so not had much luck.
All the demos I’ve seen use one of 2 patterns, so I’m thinking either is really hard to create or the people who know how to do it don’t want to let it out.
I have tried to create the data from the bitmap data of a movie clip in the library, but can’t get the values in the correct format; can anyone shed any light on this?