The bacon and cheese roll

bacon and cheese roll

This is an amazing use of bacon to make a simple but mouth watering dish.

Weaving bacon is genius; you can make so many more things with a flat sheet of bacon, like a lasagne or a pizza base and lots of other things I can’t think of right now

I’m going to make a bacon cheese roll soon but I will put something else into the middle, most probably one of these:
Egg for a breakfast roll
Sausage but that might be a bit too much pork
Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers would add a nice element of veg
Chicken breast to give a slant on the normal chicken cordon bleu

Ill post some photos when I make mine.

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  1. When I make bacon wraps I usually use mashed potatoes and sauted ( I apologize for spelling.) mushrooms. always a good combo with cheese.

  2. Here’s what you do. You need to fill it with hash brown potatoes, some green onion, the shredded cheese you’re already using, and then when you roll it you need to find a way to pack the center with sour cream. It would be like some kind of evil baked potato bacon roll. Slice it like a California Roll and you’re a on to something there.

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