Immortalised on the web with added lipstick

I have recently been immortalised on the web as an illustration.

The brilliant illustrator and designer behind the work is Andrea Bernauer.

I was involved in the development work on this demo and many others on the site.

To see it for yourself have a look here and click on the “Benefits” menu item in the flash content.

Here is the image on its own:

Multi Touch Input Device

Today I made a multi touch input device from a cardboard box, webcam, picture frame, a piece of paper and some tape.

I followed this tutorial:

It was really easy and I had it up and running in les than 30 minutes after I got all the parts together.

Here is a video of it in action and photos of the box.

Multi touch box from sam hassan on Vimeo.

Its just a webcam in a box!!

Straightest Banana Ever

This wouldn’t go in one of those banana holders.

Air 1.0 Mouse.hide() work around

Thanks to Tim John for putting me on to this workaround

“This is annoying, but if you set a timer delay of a few hundred milliseconds, then call Mouse.hide() that should work.”

Air 1.0 mouse hide example source code