Flickr Viewer Component

This is an AS3 component that uses the Yahoo Flickr API to request the thumbnail photos based on the search criteria, which can be titles or tags.
A grid of 20 thumbnails is displayed along with the total amount of photos available for that particular search, the thumbnails are split in to pages of 20 very easily as the Flickr API request allows you to specify the amount of images you want per page and what page you currently want.
I have noticed one error with the response, the total number of images changes randomly as you change page, you would expect it to increase now and then as people upload new photos but it decreases sometimes, which is a bit odd.

You can also view the full size image and title by clicking on a thumbnail.

I wanted to see how easy it would be to deploy this component as a standalone AIR application. It was as simple as changing the publish type, you can try the Flickr viewer AIR app here

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