David Cowley Art

David Cowley Art is a PHP, CSS and HTML portfolio site for the artist David Cowley.
I created this during my short time at Glasseye, I was the sole designer and developer on this project. The site is going for a minimalist design and feel, to complement and show off the work but not intrude on visitor’s experience of David’s work.
Slimbox, a lightweight clone of the popular JavaScript component was used to display all the images in an overlay.

Check out the site here :


David Cowley Art - home page

David Cowley Art - home page

David Cowley Art - portfolio page

David Cowley Art - portfolio page

David Cowley Art - image overlay with slimbox

David Cowley Art - image overlay with slimbox

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  1. And a fine job you did too. David is very pleased with the work you did on his site. You listened to what he wanted and put together an excellent, well formatted and semantically clean design that is getting lots of great feedback from his supporters. Nice work. It was really fun having you around even if it was for a short while.

    As a note to passers by – if your looking for a dedicated professional for a web development project Sam is one of the best people your going to meet. He knows his stuff, and when he finds something he doesn’t know you can bet your life it won’t be long until he’s figured it out.

    Best wishes.


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