Job change

I have recently changed jobs from Emak Mafu where I was a flash developer to Glasseye for a month where I was the main developer and designer, which was really good having most of the control over a project.
The main piece of work I produced at Glasseye was an interactive CD for a children’s charity Sing Up, ill hopefully put up some images of it when I get sent the final copy.

Now I am again a flash developer, this time at Tequila\ London.
It’s been a big jump from small agencies of 3-10 people to a massive agency of over 100 people that’s part of a bigger group with an untold amount of employees.

@ Tequila they let new employees settle in before they bombard them with work, which I found a little strange and unsettling at first as I’m used to working flat out all the time. After I got over the shock of not having work to do I got down to some much needed R&D to get some new skills under my belt and my next few posts will be about my little tests, most of which are quite pointless.


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