Recruitment agents will search you out

I got a call from a recruitment agent today… she found my CV on google.
I didn’t know recruitment agents actively went looking for candidates on google but its nice to know I rank high enough to get a phone call, even tho the job was not right for me and she would have know that if she had taken a few mins to read my CV.

From my experience and what I’ve heard most recruitment agents use a blanketing approach to filling vacancies by putting forward any one who even slightly matches the spec needed or even if they don’t hoping that one will stick and they can get some commission.

Some are good tho like the ones that got me my current jog Ecom.

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  1. I got done big time by an agency posing as head hunters and offering an amazing opportunity to run my own dept. They took my CV and ruthlessly sent it to pretty much anyone in the area I work in, including companies not recruiting, luckily my own firm does not use agencies so weren’t known to the agency and did not receive a copy but imagine if they had, it could have been very difficult for me.

    Not only was this embarrasing but I think it has damaged my potential with a lot of firms by sending out a vague and untailored CV.